The Archi-Semiotic Characteristics of Spatial Modality in Interactive Space - Focus on Gilbert Simondon's Information of Technology -

상호작용 공간 모달리티의 건축기호적 특징 - 질베르 시몽동의 기술의 정보·형태화 관점 -

  • 서준호 (홍익대학교 대학원 공간디자인전공)
  • Received : 2012.12.29
  • Accepted : 2013.02.08
  • Published : 2013.02.28


This study focuses on Gilbert Simondon's individuation theory, a core concept of his technological philosophy, and spatial modality in interactive space as the schema of interactive operation. The study examines spatial modality as the technology of an interaction-enabler that has archi-semiotic characteristics in the designed space by aspects of examples. They are based on ideas and properties of a combined environment and the concept of information, which form Simondon's individuation theory. In the process of technological individuation, spatial modality has the characteristics of archi-semiotics from a combined environment and information. The first of the three properties is representation through semiosis and the information surface. Second is the context by relation works and perception, and third are the symbolic aspects, which could create Placeness by meaning. Combining meaningful constructive and deconstructive spaces could result in space for interactive communication. Spatial modality makes it possible to interact with users and spaces. In fact, it could have a particular semiotic mode of address and become a semiotic and contextual base. As a basic investigation of spatial modality, this study will contribute to interactive space design research.


Spatial modality;Information;Interactive space;Archi-semiotic;Gilbert Simondon


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