A Study on the Color Extendability in Mark Rothko's Color-Field Abstract

마크 로드코의 색면추상에 표현된 색의 확장성 연구

  • 김선영 (수원과학대학교 실내건축디자인과)
  • Received : 2012.12.23
  • Accepted : 2013.02.08
  • Published : 2013.02.28


This study is aimed at understanding the color extendibility of color-field abstract through Mark Rothko's paintings. Color extendibility is a structure applied by Mark Rothko. He simplifies it and by pursuing autonomy and immediacy of the color itself, including surface color and the front of color-field, Rothko creates value through motions in his square paintings of non-fixed shapes. Chapter 2 revisits the meaning of color in abstract expressionism and explains the principle of color-field by applying the concept of ergon and parergon. In chapter 3, the principle, processes, methods, techniques of expression were studied as a basis to understand color extendibility and color-field abstract. In chapter 4, the works of Mark Rothko were analyzed based on his multiform paintings(1946-1948), number and untitled(1949-1957), and black paintings(1958-1970) in order to identify, in the final chapter, the features of color extendibility in Rothko's works. According to the above research, the thesis successfully concludes that the artist's reconstruction of reality and readjustment of transcendent reality are reproduced via color extendibility, the movement of color-field.


Mark Rothko;Color-Field Abstract;Color Extendability;Figure;Ground;Parergon;Ergon


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