Analysis on the Actual Environmental Conditions of Domestic and Oversea Police Detention Facilities

국내외 경찰서 유치시설의 환경 실태 분석

  • Received : 2012.11.07
  • Accepted : 2013.01.09
  • Published : 2013.02.28


The primary purpose of this research was to set up the standard guidelines for the planning of interior architectural environments of the detention facilities at the Korean Police Stations. By visit-studying the actual interior environmental conditions of 5 different kinds' domestic Correcting Facilities and 5 domestic police detention facilities and 2 foreign police detention facilities, comparing them to the existing Korean correctional institutions' cell facilities, that the strengths and weaknesses had been analyzed to extract the main concepts and the planning scheme for the Standard Korean Police Detention Facilities. By reserching the National human Right Commitee's Anual Reports, three different indexes were picked out for those analysis : the Environmental control index, the Detention Service support index, the Environmental support index. These three indexes will be used as Key factors for the planning of interior architectural environments of the detention facilities at the Korean Police Stations.: (1)the Environmental control index to establish the Space Program, the Spatial Hierarchy and the horizontal & vertical Security Blocks, (2)the Detention Service support index for the central Environmental Control & Security System, the Secured Privacy for both detainees & police offices, (3)the Environmental support index for the gender-respected segregation of cell zones, the psychological & physical safety design factors, the construction standards of all rooms in a detention facility. The result of this study should be used as the guidelines for "The Standard Plans and Regulations for the Korean Police Detention Facilities" to respect fundamental human rights.


Police Detention Facility;Standard Planning Codes;Environmental control;Detention Task support;Environmental support


Supported by : 부천대학교


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