An efficient method for the compressive behavior of FRP-confined concrete cylinders

  • Fan, Xinglang (State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Dalian University of Technology) ;
  • Wu, Zhimin (State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Dalian University of Technology) ;
  • Wu, Yufei (Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, City University of Hong Kong) ;
  • Zheng, Jianjun (School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology)
  • Received : 2012.06.11
  • Accepted : 2013.05.24
  • Published : 2013.10.25


Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) jackets have been widely used as an effective tool for the strengthening and rehabilitation of concrete structures, especially damaged concrete columns. Therefore, a clear understanding of the compressive behavior of FRP-confined concrete is essential. The objective of this paper is to develop a simple efficient method for predicting the compressive strength, the axial strain at the peak stress, and the stress-strain relationship of FRP-confined concrete. In this method, a compressive strength model is established based on Jefferson's failure surface. With the proposed strength model, the strength of FRP-confined concrete can be estimated more precisely. The axial strain at the peak stress is then evaluated using a damage-based formula. Finally, a modified stress-strain relationship is derived based on Lam and Teng's model. The validity of the proposed compressive strength and strain models and the modified stress-strain relationship is verified with a wide range of experimental results collected from the research literature and obtained from the self-conducted test. It can be concluded that, as a competitive alternative, the proposed method can be used to predict the compressive behavior of FRP-confined concrete with reasonable accuracy.


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