Synthesis of (Co,Mg)Al2O4 and (Ni,Mg)Al2O4 Blue Ceramic Nano Pigment by Polymerized Complex Method

착체중합법을 이용한 (Co,Mg)Al2O4 및 (Ni,Mg)Al2O4 청색 나노 무기안료 합성

  • Son, Bo-Ram (Icheon Branch, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology (KICET)) ;
  • Yoon, Dea-Ho (Department of Advanced Materials Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University) ;
  • Kim, Jin-Ho (Icheon Branch, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology (KICET)) ;
  • Han, Kyu-Sung (Icheon Branch, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology (KICET)) ;
  • Cho, Woo-Suk (Icheon Branch, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology (KICET)) ;
  • Hwang, Kwang-Taek (Icheon Branch, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology (KICET))
  • 손보람 (한국세라믹기술원 이천분원) ;
  • 윤대호 (성균관대학교 공과대학 신소재공학) ;
  • 김진호 (한국세라믹기술원 이천분원) ;
  • 한규성 (한국세라믹기술원 이천분원) ;
  • 조우석 (한국세라믹기술원 이천분원) ;
  • 황광택 (한국세라믹기술원 이천분원)
  • Received : 2013.08.21
  • Accepted : 2013.11.12
  • Published : 2013.11.30


In this study, the properties of blue inorganic nano-pigments with a spinel structure were systematically investigated. We report the preparation of a blue ceramic nano-pigment and the Co and Ni substitutional effects on the blue color. $MgAl_2O_4$ was selected as the crystalline host network for the synthesis of cobalt and nickel-based blue ceramic nano-pigments. Various compositions of $Co_xMg_{1-x}Al_2O_4$ and $Ni_xMg_{1-x}Al_2O_4$ ($0{\leq}x{\leq}1$) powders were prepared using apolymerized complex method. The obtained powder was preheated at $400^{\circ}C$ for 5 h and then calcined at $1000^{\circ}C$ for 5 h. XRD patterns of the (Co,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ and (Ni,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ samples showed a single phase of the spinel structure in all compositions. TEM results indicated nano-sized pigments for (Co,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ and (Ni,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ with a particle size ranging from 20 to 50 nm. The characteristics of the color tones of (Co,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ and (Ni,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ were analyzed by CIE $L^*a^*b^*$ measurements. In addition, the thermal stability and the binding characteristics of (Co,Mg)$Al_2O_4$, (Ni,Mg)$Al_2O_4$ are discussed in terms of the TG-DSC and FT-IR results, respectively.


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