Minimization of Torque-Ripple in Switched Reluctance Motors Over Wide Speed Range

Dowlatshahi, Milad;Saghaiannejad, Seyed Morteza;Ahn, Jin-Woo;Moallem, Mehdi

  • Received : 2013.06.03
  • Accepted : 2013.09.16
  • Published : 2014.03.01


Torque pulsation mechanism and highly nonlinear magnetic characterization of switched reluctance motors(SRM) lead to unfavorable torque ripple and limit the variety of applications in industry. In this paper, a modification method proposed for torque ripple minimization of SRM based on conventional torque sharing functions(TSF) to improve maximum speed of torque ripple-free operation considering converter limitations. Due to increasing phase inductance in outgoing phase during the commutation region, reference current tracking can be deteriorated especially when the speed increased. Moreover, phase torque production in incoming phase may not be reached to the reference value near the turn-on angle in which the incremental inductance would be dramatically decreased. Torque error for outgoing phase can cause increasing the resultant motor torque while it would be negative for incoming phase and yields reducing the motor torque. In this paper, a modification method is proposed in which phase torque tracking error for each phase under the commutation added to the other phase so that the resultant torque remained in constant level. This yields to extend constant torque region and reduce peak phase current when the speed increased. Simulation and experimental results for four phase 4 KW, 8/6 SRM validate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.


Torque ripple minimization;Switched reluctance motor;Torque sharing functions


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