The Research and Application of Innovative High Efficient Construction Technologies in Super High Rise Steel Structure Building

  • Dai, Lixian (China Construction Steel Structure Corporation, Ltd.) ;
  • Liao, Biao (China Construction Steel Structure Corporation, Ltd.)
  • Published : 2014.09.30


The super high rise building construction is characterized by a large quantity of engineering works and structural components, high demanding of construction technology and complex cross operations. As the height of super high rise building increases, the construction difficulties increase, it is challenging the steel structural building construction technology. In this paper, the key technologies in the construction of Chinese modern super high rise steel structure building have been studied. The innovative tower crane supporting frame suspension disassembly technology has been developed to allow the crane supporting frame to turnover in the air without occupying materials stockyard. A new self-elevating platform technique which is capable of striding over structural barriers has been developed. This new technology allows the platform to be self-elevated along variable cross section column with a maximum 600 mm size change. A new automatic submerged arc welding technology has also been developed to ensure the process continuity and quality stability of welding job on the construction site.