A Study on the RAMS Activities and Practices for assuring Safety of the Centralized Traffic Control System of Urban Railway

도시철도관제시스템 안전성 확보를 위한 RAMS 활동 및 그 적용사례에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2014.12.30


The Centralized Traffic Control(CTC) System of Urban Railway is an element(subsystem) of the Urban Railway system to aim safety operation and efficient management of rolling stock in accordance with a train scheduling program in train operation ways. That's why the CTC System must be developed considering systematic and safety-guaranteed methods such as RAMS(Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety) refereed to IEC standards. The CTC System is consists of rolling stock, signaling, power supply, communication, and mechanical equipment and preforms control and remote monitoring functions. The technical activities considering safety process are very important at such an early stage of development in a railway project. This paper introduces RAMS activities and an independent safety assessment by $3^{rd}$ Party focused on a safety applied to a development of the CTC system of Urban Railway and proposes the experiences as well practices.


RAMS Process;Reliability;Availability;Maintainability;Safety;Systems Engineering;Railway Project;Urban Railway;Centralized Traffic Control(CTC)


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