A Study on the Framework of Mission Assurance for SE

시스템엔지니어링 강화를 위한 임무보증 Framework 연구

Kim, Kwang Hae;Cho, Chul hoon;Ko, Jeong Hwan;Chung, Eui Seung

  • Published : 2014.12.30


In recent years, the United States have been several major failures of launch. As a result of these failures, activity of mission assurance valued. Mission assurance is defined as the application of systems engineering process towards the goal of achieving mission success. Therefore, mission assurance perform independent technical assessments throughout the concept and requirements definition, design, development, production, test, deployment, and operations phases. Space system program was emphasized the importance of the system engineering for that required huge cost and long term development. For this reason, independent review and verification of mission assurance is essential. Mission assurance gives us confidence to proceed with launch and best opportunity for mission success. In this study, framework of mission assurance is proposed by foreign case analysis.


System Engineering;Mission Assurance;Core Process(CP);Support Process(SP);Aerospace;Framework;KSLV-II


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