Evaluation of Drought Effect on Groundwater System using Groundwater Level Data in Jeju Island

지하수위 자료를 이용한 제주도 지하수계의 가뭄 영향 평가

  • Received : 2014.02.10
  • Accepted : 2014.04.09
  • Published : 2014.04.30


Quantitative assessment of groundwater level change under extreme event is important since groundwater system is directly affected by drought. Substantially, groundwater level fluctuation reveals to be delayed from several hours to few months after raining according to the aquifer characteristics. Groundwater system in Jeju Island would be also affected by drought and almost all regions were suffered from a severe drought during summer season (July to September) in 2013. To estimate the effect of precipitation to groundwater system, monthly mean groundwater levels in 2013 compared to those in the past from 48 monitoring wells belong to be largely affected by rainfall(Dr) over Jeju Island were analyzed. Mean groundwater levels during summer season recorded 100 mm lowered of precipitation compared to the past 30 years became decreased to range from 2.63 m to 5.42 m in southern region compared to the past and continued to December. These decreasing trends are also found in western(from -1.21 m to -4.06 m), eastern(-0.91 m to -3.24 m), and northern region(from 0.58 m to -4.02 m), respectively. Moreover, the response of groundwater level from drought turned out to be -3.80 m in August after delaying about one month. Therefore, severe drought in 2013 played an important role on groundwater system in Jeju Island and the effect of drought for groundwater level fluctuation was higher in southern region than other ones according to the regional difference of precipitation decrease.


Groundwater system;Drought;Variation type;Groundwater level


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