Estimation of Hydraulic Characteristics and Prediction of Groundwater Level in the Eastern Coastal Aquifer of Jeju Island

제주도 동부 해안대수층의 수리특성 산정과 지하수위 예측

Jo, Si-Beom;Jeon, Byung-Chil;Park, Eun-Gyu;Choi, Kwang-Jun;Song, Sung-Ho;Kim, Gi-Pyo

  • Received : 2014.01.21
  • Accepted : 2014.04.09
  • Published : 2014.04.30


Due to tidal force, it is very difficult to estimate the hydraulic parameters of high permeable aquifer near coastal area in Jeju Island. Therefore, to eliminate the impact of tidal force from groundwater level and estimate the hydraulic properties, tidal response technique has been mainly studied. In this study we have extracted 38 tidal constituents from groundwater level and harmonic constants including frequency, amplitude, and phase of each constituent using T_TIDE subroutine which is used to estimate oceanic tidal constituents, and then we have estimated hydraulic diffusivity associated with amplitude attenuation factor(that is the ratio of groundwater level amplitude to sea level amplitude for each tidal constituent) and phase lag(that is phase difference between groundwater level and sea level for each constituent). Also using harmonic constants for each constituent, we made the sinusoidal wave and then we constructed the synthesized wave which linearly combined sinusoidal wave. Finally, we could get residuals(net groundwater level) which was excluded most of tidal influences by eliminating synthesized wave from raw groundwater level. As a result of comparing statistics for synthesized level and net groundwater level, we found that the statistics for net groundwater level was more insignificant than those of synthesized wave. Moreover, in case of coastal aquifer which the impact of tidal force is even more than those of other environmental factors such as rainfall and groundwater yield, it is possible to predict groundwater level using synthesized wave and regression analysis of residuals.


Coastal aquifer;Harmonic constants;Tidal constituents;Hydraulic diffusivity;T_TIDE


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