An Idea on Increasing Income of Residents in DMZ Area Using FGI and SWOT Analysis -Focused on Haean-myeon in Yanggu-gun of Gangwon Province-

FGI와 SWOT분석을 이용한 DMZ일원 접경지역의 주민소득 증대방안 -강원도 양구군 해안면을 중심으로-

Choi, Sang Hyun;Lee, Jae Hwan;Lee, Sang Min;Choi, In Hwa;Chai, Du Song;Woo, Jong Choon

  • Received : 2014.02.03
  • Accepted : 2014.02.16
  • Published : 2014.02.28


DMZ has a lot of natural resources. Also there is very important position as a ecological and geographical. Meanwhile, development schemes and plans were established but that was development to only simple plan such as a tourism and income without communication with local residents. This study was tried to exhibit increasing income of residents in DMZ area using FGI (Focus Group Interview) and SWOT analysis. First of all, analyzed the status of forest resources and carried out a Focus Group Interview targeting residents who live in around DMZ, and then suggest an alternative to increasing income and regional development in Yanggu-gun by SWOT strategies. As a result, realistic plan for achieving regional development is deregulation of the laws related to forest land use conversion for the forest product in DMZ area. Military experts and forest experts have to inspect the area for considering the practical application of the regulation in protected areas directly. National or local government has to effort pursuing future business for regional development through the communication with residents in DMZ area.


DMZ;FGI;SWOT;regional development;forest resources


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