Harvesting Productivity and Cost of Whole-Tree Clear Cutting Using a Tower Yarder in a Larix leptolepis Stand

낙엽송 개벌 임분에서 타워야더를 이용한 전목수확시스템의 작업비용 분석

Cho, Min-Jae;Cho, Koo-Hyun;Oh, Jae-Heun;Han, Han-Sup;Cha, Du-Song

  • Received : 2014.02.04
  • Accepted : 2014.02.09
  • Published : 2014.02.28


The productivity and cost of clear cutting operations were examined to broaden our knowledge on the harvesting system in a Larix leptolepis stand of Korea. The harvesting system was divided into tree operations which were chainsaw (STIHL MS440) felling, tower yarder (Koller301-4) yarding and harvester (WOODY H50) processing. The average cycle time of felling, yarding and processing were 98 s/cycle, 245 s/cycle and 150 s/cycle. The total stump-to-pile operational productivity was 43.07 $m^3/hr$. The highest production activity was the felling 17.93 $m^3/hr$, followed by the productivity of processing 15.62 $m^3/hr$ and then by the productivity of yarding 9.52 $m^3/hr$. In addition the total stump-to-pile operational cost was 24,086 $won/m^3$. The highest cost activity was the yarding 14,557 $won/m^3$ (60.4% of the total cost), followed by the costs of processing 8,461 $won/m^3$ (35.2%) and then by the costs of felling 1,068 $won/m^3$.


Larix leptolepis;harvesting system;harvesting productivity;operational cost


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