Quality Characteristics of Yanggaeng Added with Different Forms and Concentrations of Fresh Paprika

파프리카 첨가 형태 및 첨가량에 따른 양갱의 품질특성

  • Park, La Young (Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Catholic University of Daegu) ;
  • Woo, Da In (Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Catholic University of Daegu) ;
  • Lee, Sung Won (Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Catholic University of Daegu) ;
  • Kang, Hye Min (Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Catholic University of Daegu) ;
  • Lee, Shin Ho (Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Catholic University of Daegu)
  • 박나영 (대구가톨릭대학교 식품공학전공) ;
  • 우다인 (대구가톨릭대학교 식품공학전공) ;
  • 이성원 (대구가톨릭대학교 식품공학전공) ;
  • 강혜민 (대구가톨릭대학교 식품공학전공) ;
  • 이신호 (대구가톨릭대학교 식품공학전공)
  • Received : 2013.12.06
  • Accepted : 2014.04.07
  • Published : 2014.05.31


The antioxidant activity and sensory quality of Yanggaeng added with paprika (juice or paste) were investigated. Paprika juice (PJ) or paste (PP) mixed with water at ratios of 0:10 (control), 2:8 (1), 4:6 (2), 6:4 (3), 8:2 (4), and 10:0 (5) were used as ingredients for Yanggaeng. The pH levels of Yanggaeng added with PJ and PP were lower than that of control, and it decreased with increasing PJ or PP contents. Lightness values of PJ and PP Yanggaeng were lower than that of control. Redness and yellowness of PP Yanggaeng was higher than those of PJ Yanggaeng. Hardness, springiness, and cohesiveness were the highest in control and decreased with the amount of PJ or PP. Total polyphenol contents and DPPH radical scavenging activity of PP5 Yanggaeng were the highest. Sensory evaluation showed that color, taste, flavor, texture, and overall acceptability of PJ and PP Yanggaeng were higher than those of control. PJ4 Yanggaeng showed the highest taste (4.46) and overall acceptability (4.23) values, respectively. Sensory quality of PP1 Yanggaeng showed the highest levels of color, taste, flavor, texture, and overall acceptability among PP Yanggaeng.


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