Phase II Study on Dose Escalating Schedule of Paclitaxel Concurrent with Radiotherapy in Treating Patients with Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

  • Cui, Lin ;
  • Liu, Xing-Xiang ;
  • Jiang, Yong ;
  • Liu, Jian-Jun ;
  • Zhou, Xiang-Rong ;
  • He, Xue-Jun ;
  • Chen, Jue ;
  • Huang, Xin-En
  • Published : 2014.02.28


Objective: To evaluate clinical efficacy of a dose escalating schedule of paclitaxel concurrent with radiotherapy in treating patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung (NSCLC). Methods: Patients with locally advanced NSCLC were treated with conventional fractionated radiotherapy or three dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3 DCRT), concurrently with a dose escalating schedule of paclitaxel. All patients were divided into three groups, A with paclitaxel $30mg/m^2$, B with paclitaxel $60mg/m^2$ and C with paclitaxel $90mg/m^2$. Paclitaxel was repeated every week for a total of 4 or 6 weeks. Results: Among 109 patients, response rates were 68.8%, 71.1% and 71.8% (p>0.05) for group A (n=32), B (n=38), and C (n=39) respectively. Accordingly, disease control rates were 81.3%, 81.6% and 82.1% (p>0.05). Progression-free survival time was $8.0{\pm}5.0$ months, $11.6{\pm}6.1$ months, and $14.8{\pm}7.9$ months (p<0.05), respectively. Overall survival time was $15.4{\pm}7.6$ months, $18.2{\pm}8.0$ months, and $22.0{\pm}7.6$ months (p<0.05), one-year survival rates were 62.5%, 73.1% and 90.0% (p>0.05) and two-year survival rates were 31.3%, 38.5% and 50.0% (p<0.05). Main side-effects were bone marrow suppression, radiation related esophagitis and gastrointestinal reaction. Conclusion: In treating patients with NSCLC, concurrent chemoradiotherapy with paclitaxel improves early response compared with conventional fractionated radiotherapy or 3 DCRT. The survival rate was improved with the addition of paclitaxel, but there was an increase in adverse reactions when the dose of paclitaxel was increased.


Non-small cell lung cancer;concurrent chemoradiotherapy;paclitaxel;prognosis


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