The Survey of Awareness and Necessity on Introduce Home Physical Therapy in the Long-term Care Insurance

노인장기요양보험제도 내 가정방문물리치료 도입에 관한 인식도 및 필요성 조사

  • 정대인 (광주보건대학교 물리치료과) ;
  • 김찬규 (광주보건대학교 물리치료과) ;
  • 고대식 (조선대학교 직업환경의학과)
  • Received : 2014.03.12
  • Accepted : 2014.04.12
  • Published : 2014.06.28


This study aims to investigate the awareness and needs of patients as consumers and therapists as providers on the introduction of home physical therapy in the long-term care insurance. The survey participants were 96 patients and 132 physical therapists to a questionnaires, we analyzed for frequency of each questionnaire about awareness and necessity. As a result of the test, they considered that physical activity support services provided by nurse and nurses aid ware not specialized enough(pt 60,4%, PT 75,4%) and quality therapy should be available through a home physical therapy(pt 47.9%, PT 59.2%). Also, patients responded that the priorities to improve long-term care insurance were given to lowering expenses(35,4%) and expanding coverage of subjects(32.3%) while the physical therapists responded that professionals should be expanded(73.8%) and diverse rehabilitation services(20.2%) and a rehabilitation team should be introduced. They responded that the reasons of home physical therapy were needed that it was hard for patients to visit medical centers(PT 30.0%) themselves and it would be improvable for them to get physical function in elderly(pt 47.1%) through the service. In conclusion, as most patients as well as physical therapists responded that home visit therapy services should be introduced and their awareness of it was very high, it is suggested that the service should be quickly introduced as soon as possible.


Supported by : 광주보건대학교


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