A Study on Improvement Direction for the Modular Architecture-Applied Military Barracks (Military Barracks and Bachelor Officers' Quarters) through Post-Occupancy Evaluation

모듈러건축을 적용한 군 생활관(병영생활관, 독신숙소)의 Post-Occupancy Evaluation을 통한 개선방향 연구

  • Wei, Dae-Han ;
  • Bae, Si-Hwa
  • 위대한 ;
  • 배시화
  • Received : 2013.09.05
  • Accepted : 2014.02.03
  • Published : 2014.02.28


The Ministry of Defense has improved the deteriorated and small military barracks and executive quarters to narrow the gap between the growth environments of soldiers and the barrack environment and guarantee them a convenient life during their military service. The wet construction method, which was adopted when building the military barracks and executive quarters, has a couple of disadvantages including long construction time and weak responsiveness according to the security environment. Characterized by shorter construction time and the mobility and deconstruction options, modular construction has thus been introduced to solve such problems. However, the construction method, which was introduced in 2005, started to display weaknesses in heat and sound insulation in the military facilities and was provisionally suspected in 2009. Now there is a need for modular facilities of new functions. The purpose of this study was to apply P.O.E.(post-occupancy evaluation) to the modular military barracks and executive quarters, which were ordered and constructed in large volumes since 2011, through six criteria of spatial organization, interior, noise, mobility, indoor environment, and satisfaction compared with the previous barracks. The study also aimed to analyze the satisfaction results and search for improvement direction.


modular;military quarters;Bachelor Officers' Quarters;P.O.E


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