지하 영구벽체 말뚝단면 구조형식의 효용성 분석

Noh, Sam-Young;Kim, Seung-Hun;Lee, Wang-Hee;Youn, Sol

  • 투고 : 2013.08.02
  • 심사 : 2014.01.09
  • 발행 : 2014.01.25


In spite of the large stiffness of the Cast-In-Place Concrete Pile(CIP) wall, it is used only temporarily, because CIP wall construction shows the difficulty of keeping straightness and unification in the joint between each pile. Recently the Uni-wall method which improves the disadvantage of the CIP temporary wall is being developed for the use of Permanent Basement wall (Permanent Uni-wall System, PUS). The PUS is constructed in combination of piles consisting of circular casing piles and specially, shape casing piles with concave sides. The piles may be designed as reinforced concrete structure, steel-frame structure, steel-framed reinforced concrete structure and their combination In this paper Axial force-bending moment interaction curves are prepared for the three structural types of unit cross section. Applying the analysis results for a selected prototype structures, efficiency of the three structural section types are analyzed, based on the construction cost for varying number of basement stories.


CIP 공법;Uni-Wall 공법;지하벽체;축력-모멘트 상관도;효용성 분석


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