A Study on Appropriate Driving Speed for High-Speed Trains Running the Conventional Line

기존선을 통과하는 고속차량의 적절한 주행속도에 관한 연구

  • Ham, Young Sam (Railroad Safety and Certification Center, Korea Railroad Research Institute)
  • 함영삼 (한국철도기술연구원 철도안전인증센터)
  • Received : 2014.07.31
  • Accepted : 2014.08.18
  • Published : 2014.09.01


KTX (Korea Train eXpress) is the first high-speed train operated in Korea and its highest speed reaches 300 km/h. Korean high-speed trains are mostly operated on the railroads exclusively designed for high-speed trains, but the sections of Seoul~Gwangmyeong, nearby of Daejeon station and Dongdaegu are operated on the existing tracks having the speed less than 150 km/h. With this paper, we'd like to analyze the lateral force that occurs between the wheels and the rail when high-speed trains were operated on the existing track section to suggest an appropriate driving speed for high-speed trains. As the rigid wheel base of the high-speed train is 3m which is about 50% longer than normal vehicles, it works as an advantage for high-speed driving. However, as the lateral force becomes higher than normal vehicles when driving on curves, plans to reduce wear-outs on the wheels are required.



Grant : 고속열차 성능 및 효율 향상 기술개발

Supported by : 국토교통부


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