A Survey on the Recognition and the Preference of Bibimbab with Students in Bayreuther, Germany

비빔밥에 대한 독일 바이로이드지역 학생들의 인식 및 기호도 조사 연구

  • Song, Joo-Eun (Department of Hotel Cuisine, Kyungdong University)
  • 송주은 (경동대학교 호텔조리학과)
  • Received : 2014.05.15
  • Accepted : 2014.07.31
  • Published : 2014.08.31


In 2013, for the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Germany as well as the 50th anniversary of the dispatch of Korean workers to Germany, a survey on the recognition and preferences related to Bibimbab was carried out among students in Bayreuther, Germany majoring in hotel management who had not tried Korean food before. As part of the globalization of Korean food, 10 different foods that Germans might like were prepared, and the survey took place after food tasting. In the results, 44% of students noted that their first impression of Bibimbab was good, and impression was more favorable after tasting than before. The preference for nine foods other than Bibimbab was in order of Kimchi, Bulgogi, Mandu, Modum-jeon, Samgyetang, Gimbab, Japchae, Tteokbokki, and Sangchu-muchim. Students liked Bibimbab due to its healthiness, and most students showed interest in Korean food after tasting Bibimbab. To improve Bibimbab, most students answered diversifying sauces.


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