Effects of Mahwangbujaseshin-tang (Mahuangfuzixixintang) (麻黃附子細辛湯) on MIA-Induced Osteoarthritis Rats

마황부자세신탕(麻黃附子細辛湯)이 MIA로 유도된 골관절염 유발 Rat에 미치는 영향

  • Lee, Hyung-Eun (Department of Korean Rehabilitation Medicine, College of Korean Medicine, Dae-Jeon University) ;
  • Oh, Min-Seok (Department of Korean Rehabilitation Medicine, College of Korean Medicine, Dae-Jeon University)
  • 이형은 (대전대학교 한의과대학 한방재활의학과교실) ;
  • 오민석 (대전대학교 한의과대학 한방재활의학과교실)
  • Received : 2014.03.18
  • Accepted : 2014.04.11
  • Published : 2014.04.30


Objectives This study was carried out to find out the anti-osteoarthritic effects of Mahwangbujaseshin- tang (Mahuangfuzixixintang ) on the monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)-induced osteoarthritis rats. Methods Osteoarthritis was induced by injecting MIA ($50{\mu}l$) into the knee joint of rats. Rats were divided into a 3 groups (n=7). The injection did not fit the normal group. A week later, after the injection of MIA, while control group took normal saline 2 ml, the extract of Mahwangbujaseshin-tang (Mahuangfuzixixintang ) (MBST) (200 mg/kg) was injected to treated group. After that, we examined hind paw weight bearing ability, functions of liver and kidney, serum TNF-$\alpha$, IL-$1{\beta}$, IL-6, $PGE_2$, $LTB_4$, TIMP-1, MMP-9 and hematology. Volume of cartilage was measured by micro CT arthrography. Injury of synovial tissue was measured by H & E, Safranin-O immunofluorescence. Results 1) DPPH and ABTS free radical scavenging activity of MBST was increased according to concentration of MBST and total phenolic contents were in high level. 2) In RAW 264.7 cells, ROS production was significantly decreased in MBST (at 10, $100{\mu}g/ml$) and NO was also decreased but meaningless in MBST (at $100{\mu}g/ml$). 3) In RAW 264.7 cells, IL-6 production was significantly decreased in MBST (at $100{\mu}g/ml$) and TNF-$\alpha$ and IL-$1{\beta}$ production were also decreased but meaningless in MBST (at $100{\mu}g/ml$). 4) In hind legs weight-bearing measurement, level of weight-bearing was increased. 5) Functions of liver and kidney were not affected. 6) TNF-$\alpha$, IL-$1{\beta}$, IL-6, $PGE_2$, $LTB_4$, MMP-9 and TIMP-1 production were significantly decreased. 7) In hematology, the levels of neutrophils, monocytes were significantly decreased and the levels of white blood cells, lymphocytes were also decreased but meaningless. 8) In micro CT-arthrography, cartilage volume was significantly increased. 9) Histopathologically, injury on cartilage and synovial membrane of MBST group was decreased. Conclusions Based on all results mentioned above, Mahwangbujaseshin-tang (Mahuangfuzixixintang) is believed to be meaningful for suppressing the progress of osteoarthritis. And it is related to inhibiting the activity of inflammatory cytokine and injury of volume in cartilage.


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