Study on the Activation Plan Using Specific Cultural Cluster -Focus on religious cultural town composition in Andong City-

특정 문화시설 집적지의 활성화 방안 연구 -안동시 종교문화타운 조성을 사례로-

  • 권기창 (경북도립대학교 IT특약계열) ;
  • 윤성욱 (경북도립대학교 IT특약계열)
  • Received : 2014.08.25
  • Accepted : 2014.10.14
  • Published : 2014.10.28


When a urban religious cluster is transformed into a religious cultural town, it will help restore the urban community spirit and boost the social, cultural competence of a city. It can be achieved through the desirable values associated with love, service, reconciliation, and communication of each religion combined together. Also, it can facilitate urban regeneration and local revitalization. This study has established measures to stimulate Mokseong-dong in Andong City, an area with lots of religious, cultural facilities, by transforming it into a religious cultural town. The purpose is to play a key role in leading the regional education and culture and stimulating the area. To establish an identity of the religious, cultural town with multiple religions, a development concept was created under the theme of reconciliation, communication, and service. Specifically, a measure to reorganize the area into a space for reconciliation, communication, and service was created with an operation and stimulation program, focusing on the religious facilities. In addition, in order to transform the religious town into a hub of urban regeneration, measures to achieve the following were created: growing together with the surrounding area; establishing a cooperation system involving local residents; establishing an administrative, financial support system. If the religious, cultural town is revitalized, it can boost the quality of local residents and stimulate the local economy.


Cultural Space;Religious Cultural Town;Urban Regeneration


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