• Zoldak, Marek (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science University of Rzeszow)
  • 투고 : 2013.11.21
  • 발행 : 2014.11.30


Let (${\Omega}$, $\mathcal{S}$, ${\mu}$) be a probabilistic measure space, ${\varepsilon}{\in}\mathbb{R}$, ${\delta}{\geq}0$, p > 0 be given numbers and let $P{\subset}\mathbb{R}$ be an open interval. We consider a class of functions $f:P{\rightarrow}\mathbb{R}$, satisfying the inequality $$f(EX){\leq}E(f{\circ}X)+{\varepsilon}E({\mid}X-EX{\mid}^p)+{\delta}$$ for each $\mathcal{S}$-measurable simple function $X:{\Omega}{\rightarrow}P$. We show that if additionally the set of values of ${\mu}$ is equal to [0, 1] then $f:P{\rightarrow}\mathbb{R}$ satisfies the above condition if and only if $$f(tx+(1-t)y){\leq}tf(x)+(1-t)f(y)+{\varepsilon}[(1-t)^pt+t^p(1-t)]{\mid}x-y{\mid}^p+{\delta}$$ for $x,y{\in}P$, $t{\in}[0,1]$. We also prove some basic properties of such functions, e.g. the existence of subdifferentials, Hermite-Hadamard inequality.


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