Thyroid Gland Evaluation of Adults in Their 20s by means of a Screening Ultrasound Test and a Self-Test

스크리닝 초음파검사와 자가진단에 의한 20대 성인의 갑상선 평가

  • 지태정 (가야대학교 방사선학과)
  • Received : 2014.07.18
  • Accepted : 2014.08.19
  • Published : 2014.11.28


Korea Central Cancer Registry reported in 2011 that the prevalence rate of thyroid cancer was about 19.6% (the highest) in both men and women. The ratio of thyroid cancer, among cancers that women suffer from, was about 31.1%, the highest among female cancers and about five times more than men. Regarding the incidence of thyroid cancer by age group, the crude rate was highest in women and men aged 15~34. From these figures it can be inferred that there is a greater relationship between thyroid cancer and hormones compared with other cancers. Therefore, young women aged 20~25, even if they are in full health, should undergo a medical examination. This study is aimed at examining changes in thyroid gland detected through self evaluation tests and the analysis of ultrasound screening images in persons aged 20~25. According to the study, 213 persons (about 46.6%) out of 457 people who took part in the study had abnormal echo patterns. With regard to women's abnormal patterns, about 73.4% of them were found to have calcified cystic, 11.8% diffuse-type low-echo and 7.3% cystic echo. With regard to male participants, about 61.1% were found to have calcified cystic, followed by 19.4% with the size of the isthmus increased and 13.9% with diffuse-type low-echo. According to the outcomes of an analysis regarding self-testing for hyperthyroidism, the average points of participants who were found to have abnormal echo patterns in ultrasound tests were 6.85 and the figure was 5.88 in persons with normal patterns. The figure was about 15% higher in abnormal respondents.


Thyroid;Screening Test;Ultrasound Test;Self Test


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