Photocurrent Properties of TiO2 Nanorods Grown on FTO by Hydrothermal Method

Kim, Hyun;Yang, Bee Lyong

  • Received : 2015.09.29
  • Accepted : 2015.10.25
  • Published : 2015.11.30


In this work, we undertake a comparative study of the crystallographic microstructures and photo-catalytic properties of rutile $TiO_2$ nanorods grown on FTO facing up and down by a hydrothermal method. An analysis of the fine structures showed that $TiO_2$ nanorods grown on FTO facing up were mixed with sea urchin and microsphere. These structures induced a vertical orientation of the nanorods on FTO. The saturated photocurrent densities of the $TiO_2$ nanorods grown both up and down were $1.5mA/cm^2$ in the former case, the IPCE was increased to 10% at 300~350 nm. The onset potential (${\fallingdotseq}$ flat band potential) of the nanorods grown on FTO facing up is negatively shifted to a value of -0.31 V. This is caused by an increase in the surface state, in this case the number of oxygen vacancies, and by the formation of $Ti^{3+}$. Therefore, the FTO facing direction is considered as a critical factor during the hydrothermal reaction for $TiO_2$ growth so as to develop an efficient photo-catalytic system.


Titanium dioxide($TiO_2$) nanorod;Hydrothermal method;FTO facing;Photo-activity


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Supported by : Kumoh National Institute of Technology