A Study on the Mediation and Arbitration of Lease Dispute

임대차 분쟁의 조정과 중재에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2015.11.11
  • Accepted : 2015.11.23
  • Published : 2015.12.01


The contracting parties must be provided a litigation scheme in order to resolve a dispute. This means taking advantage of effective measures for mediation or arbitration. A lease transaction is likely to occur mainly after a dispute. It is necessary to take the appropriate measures in advance. In general, when a variety of contracts are created, conflicts arise and disputes have to be resolved through mediation and arbitration documents, and adjustment or intervention is called for. Arbitration system is a system that is established based on the trust of the arbitral tribunal. For such system, quality education for enhancing professionalism required of the arbitrator is important. A party responding to an arbitration agreement presents a problem. The current system must ensure that there are no disadvantaged parties. However, a party must depend on an arbitration agreement that is part of the law rescue system. A litigation support by the local Bar Association must be carried out. It should be notified of the contents of the contract to select a strategy that will best resolve the conflict. In the case of lease transactions, there is a need to create a scheme to make a standard agreement that inserts an arbitration clause. Lease sale and purchase agreement or lease agreement is a form of contract that has been frequently used. Here, the arbitration agreement clause for a lawyer that will serve as arbitrator should be inserted. It is a scheme that can be activated for individuals in poor areas. In addition, it is possible to see it taking a scheme to take advantage of the lawyer system for the future of the town. The Attorney System of a town is a system that the Korean Bar Association, Legal Department has put in place since 2013. If a real estate trade dispute occurs, the role of the intermediary attorney should be to carry out his duties efficiently. In the case of real estate transaction conflicts, the lawyer of the village should be registered as the arbitrator. It is important to establish a basis of regulations through this type of real estate transaction accident analysis. Before proceeding with various adjustment systems, it is desirable to expand the arbitration region. Now we need a realtor amendment. It is the part where fragmentation of intermediary qualification is required, along with the eligibility of a subdivision.