Relaxor Behaviors in xBaTiO3-(1-x)CoFe2O4 Materials

  • Dung, Cao Thi My ;
  • Thi, Nhu Hoa Tran ;
  • Ta, Kieu Hanh Thi ;
  • Tran, Vinh Cao ;
  • Nguyen, Bao Thu Le ;
  • Le, Van Hieu ;
  • Do, Phuong Anh ;
  • Dang, Anh Tuan ;
  • Ju, Heongkyu ;
  • Phan, Bach Thang
  • Received : 2015.09.11
  • Accepted : 2015.12.09
  • Published : 2015.12.31


Dielectric properties of $xBaTiO_3-(1-x)CoFe_2O_4$ composite materials have been investigated. Dielectric properties of $BaTiO_3$, $CoFe_2O_4$ and $0.5BaTiO_3-0.5CoFe_2O_4$ samples show frequency dependence, which is classified as relaxor behavior with different relaxing degree. The relaxor behaviors were described using the modified Curier-Weiss and Vogel-Fulcher laws. Among three above samples, the $BaTiO_3$ sample has highest relaxing degree. Photoluminescence spectral indicated defects, which might in turn control relaxing degree.


xBaTiO3-(1-x)CoFe2O4;dielectric properties;relaxing degree;modified Curie-Weiss law;Vogel-Fulcher law


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Supported by : Vietnam National University