Embedded EM Sensor for Tensile Force Estimation of PS tendon of PSC Girder

PS 긴장재 긴장력 계측을 위한 PSC 거더 내부 매립용 EM 센서

  • Received : 2015.10.15
  • Accepted : 2015.11.23
  • Published : 2015.12.29


In this paper, an embedded EM sensor was researched to estimate prestressing force of PS tendon in PSC girder. Recent methodologies for managing prestressing force loss were staying on verifying a applying prestressing force under construction, namely the loss management can not be controlled after construction. To estimate the tensile force of PS tendon during lifetime of PSC girder, this research proposed a bobbin-type embedded EM sensor that can be embedded in PSC girder is designed and fabricated considering the shape properties of anchorage zone and sheath. To verify the proposed sensor, a small PSC girder test was performed. The embedded EM sensor was connected to a sheath and anchor block, and the concrete was poured. After curing, the change of the permeability of PS tendon under tensile forces of 200, 710, 1070, 1300kN was measured using embedded EM sensor. The permeability of PS tendon had decreased according to the increment of applied tensile force. Also it is confirmed that the change of permeability due to applied tensile force could resolve the applied tensile force values. As a result, proposed embedded EM sensor could be embed into the PSC girder and it could be used to estimate the tensile force variation during lifetime of PSC girder.


EM sensor;prestressing force estimation;PSC girder;measurement of permeability


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