A comparing on the use of Centrifugal Turbine and Tesla Turbine in an application of Organic Rankine Cycle

Thawichsri, Kosart;nilnont, Wanich

  • Received : 2015.06.20
  • Accepted : 2015.11.10
  • Published : 2015.12.31


This paper aims to compare the use of Centrifugal Turbine and Tesla Turbine in an application of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Machine using Isopentane as working fluid expanding. The working fluid has boiling point below boiling water and works in low-temperature sources between $80-120^{\circ}C$ which can be produced from waste heat, solar-thermal energy and geothermal energy etc. The experiment on ORC machine reveals that the suitability of high pressure pump for working fluid has result on the efficiency of work. In addition, Thermodynamics theory on P-h diagram also presented the effect of heat sources' temperature and flow rate on any work. Thus, the study and design on ORC machine has to concern mainly on pressure pump, flow rate and optimized temperature. Result experiment and calculate ORC Machine using centrifugal Turbine efficiency better than Tesla turbine 30% but Tesla Turbine is cheaper and easily structure. Further study on the machine can be developed throughout the county due to its low cost and efficiency.


centrifugal turbine;Tesla turbine;organic Rankine cycle;low-temperature sources;flow rate;high pressure pump


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