Behaviour of geogrid reinforced model retaining wall in active failure state by execution of parallel movement

병진이동으로 인한 주동파괴 시 지오그리드 보강토 모델벽체의 거동

Lee, Kang-Man;Kong, Suk-Min;Lee, Dae-Young;Lee, Yong-Joo

  • Received : 2015.09.02
  • Accepted : 2015.12.17
  • Published : 2015.12.30


Recently, there has been a string of negligent accidents for the retaining wall and slope. In order to measure the ground deformation for the MSE wall, the authors carried out the model test to assess behavioral characteristics of geogrid MSE walls in active failure state with different conditions of geogrid reinforcement. The models are built in the soil container box having dimension, 100 cm long, 90 cm height, and 10 cm wide. The reinforcement used in the model test is geogrid (polyvinyl chloride, PVC). Three geogrids are sized by $30cm{\times}60cm$, $30cm{\times}70cm$, $30cm{\times}80cm$ (width ${\times}$ length) respectively. In this study, the laboratory model tests represented for several conditions of the MSE wall, and then its results were compared to 2D FE analysis.


Model test;Geogrid;Numerical analysis;Surface settlement;MSE wall


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Supported by : Seoul National University of Science and Technology