Compensation for the Distorted WDM Channels through the Dispersion-managed Optical Links with Non-midway Optical Phase Conjugator

Non-midway 광 위상 공액기를 갖는 분산 제어 전송 링크를 통한 WDM 채널의 왜곡 보상

  • Received : 2015.10.27
  • Accepted : 2015.12.24
  • Published : 2015.12.30


The implementation possibility of the flexible optical network configuration using the non-midway optical phase conjugator (OPC) in the dispersion-managed (DM) optical link for wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) transmission is demonstrated in this paper. It is confirmed that the implementation possibility of flexible link configuration is more increased, as number of fiber spans is more bigger and the residual dispersion per span (RDPS) is more large. It is also confirmed that the non-midway OPC link, in which RDPS of the latter half transmission section (after OPC) is decided by the averaged RDPS of the former half transmission section (before OPC), has more advantage for the flexible network configuration.


Dispersion management;Optical phase conjugation;Non-midway OPC;Residual dispersion per span;Net residual dispersion


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