Features of Selective Attention shown by Difference of Space Type in Department Stores - Focused on Observation Features Over Observation Time -

백화점 공간의 유형 차이에 나타난 선택적 주의집중 특성 - 주시시간의 경과에 나타난 주시특성을 중심으로 -

  • Received : 2015.09.22
  • Accepted : 2015.11.11
  • Published : 2015.12.31


For this research with the objects of spaces in two department stores which can be referred to as representative facility of commercial space, observation test has carried out to estimate how much visitors rivet their eyes to the display of shops. In addition, to find out what effect the difference among the department types has on the selective attention to space element, the observation time was applied as a medium for estimation. The followings are the result from analyzing the observation frequency and the observation intensity feature of each section where the characteristics of design could be found at attention. First, both images of A and B had concentrative dominant-observation at left shops. In case of Image A, Customers began to observe the right shops very attentively after 25 seconds, and with Image B, the attentive observation at right and left took place alternatively after 35 seconds. In other words, regardless of the characteristics of shop displays, the left shops were observed first while in case of the observation after the early and middle time-frame the characteristics of shops were found to have effects on observation. Second, the normal observation showed some difference among attention sections over time while on the whole both images of A and B had the same highly attentive observation at the middle space. Accordingly, it could be concluded that the middle space was playing a faithful role as background for commercial spaces. Third, the ignorant observation, which is the opposite to the attentive observation, was found different between the images of A and B. When the ignorant observation is considered to have intentionality, it will be possible to set up the display which may attract the attention aggressively by the process of figuring out the characteristics of ignored shops.


Gazing Time;Eye-Tracking;visual Attention;Selective Attention


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