Radiation Exposure Evaluation Depending on Radiation Workers' Locations during Dental Radiography

치과방사선 검사 시 방사선작업종사자의 위치에 따른 방사선 노출 평가

Jeong, Cheonsoo;Kim, Jiyoung

  • Received : 2015.09.10
  • Accepted : 2015.12.25
  • Published : 2015.12.31


To evaluate the radiation exposure level based on radiation workers' locations in dental radiography, the radiation dose rate in the radiographic room, lead glass, and operation system was measured. To that end, various devices were used, such as a Standard(Max-GLS, Shinhung), a panorama (PCH-2500, Vatech), a cephalometric radiography (PCH-2500), and a cone beam CT (PHT-30LFO, Vatech), as well as a PM1405 equipment as a radiation meter. Radiography conditions were set the same as the factors used in the clinical setting. As the result, the cone beam CT turned out the highest with 98 uSv and the standard showed the lowest level with 0.4 uSv/h. The panorama was measured to be higher than the Cephalo due to its different focus mode. On the lead glass surface and in the operation stand, the oral radiography device, panoramic, and Cephalo all were measured below the recording level. However, the cone beam CT was measured to have the leakage dose. Thus, radiation involved workers should be equipped with appropriate protection tools and reduce radiography time as much as possible. In addition, the structure of the radiation chamber should be also designed efficiently. Dental radiography has continued to grow in recent years, so it is necessary take appropriate protection measures for patients and radiation workers.


Radiation workers;Dental Radiation;Leakage dose


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