Assessment of Entrance Surface Dose and Image Distortion in Accordance with Abdominal Obesity in the Chest Radiography

흉부 X-선 검사에서 복부비만에 따른 입사표면선량과 영상 왜곡도 평가

Kim, Boo Soon;Park, Jeong Kyu;Kwon, Soon Mu

  • Received : 2015.11.05
  • Accepted : 2015.12.25
  • Published : 2015.12.31


Abdominal obesity is one of the most influential index to predict of insulin resistance syndrome/metabolic syndrome in social demographic characteristics. It is matter of fact that radiation dose are increasing with development of medical treatment and device. In this study, we estimated distortion between reference image and entrance surface dose when take a chest radiography forward chest phantom assumed abdominal obesity. When angle of chest phantom incline $5^{\circ}$ forward, thoracic transverse and longitudinal diameter increase 1.22% and 0.44% each. Also cardiac transverse diameter increase 1.01% and cardio-throracic ratio (CTR) decrease 0.27% in the same situation of incline to $5^{\circ}$ forward. Thoracic transverse diameter shows the largest increase, and CTR was decreased. But entrance surface dose to phantom increase significantly 6.12% when angle of chest phantom incline $5^{\circ}$ forward. In conclusion, we have to pay attention to accurate positioning, to prevent a distortion of image through incline, and make patients not to expose to additional radiation.


Abdominal obesity;Entrance surface dose(ESD);Chest radiography;Image deformity


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