VCUG Studies on the Clinical Usefulness of Aids

VCUG 보조기구의 임상적 유용성에 관한 고찰

Choe, Dea yeon;Kim, Dong hyun

  • Received : 2015.12.01
  • Accepted : 2015.12.25
  • Published : 2015.12.31


VCUG(Voiding Cystourethrography) study is being performed to check urinary reflex symptom from bladder to ureter or kidney in the method of filling the bladder with radiation opaque contrast agent. However, VCUG study have been performed impersonally, patients have to be naked and open their legs and then void. This method is so impersonal that it is immediately needed to improve the way of testing and crete new aid. Therefore, this study through producing underwear for VCUG, analysis and compares the test time of VCUG, patient radiation dose and patient satisfaction. The target of this study was 79 Male and Female patients who visited genitourinary clinic of PNUYH for their VCUG tests AXIUM Iconos R200(Siemens Medical System : Germany) and self-produced plastic underwears made by vinyl and plasic molding machine were used. The 79 patient were divided into two groups : experiment of patient and comparison group of we patient (using aid) in order to compare, testing time, DAP (dose area product) and patient satisfaction. There was time reduction, from 35.3min of comparison group to 27.8min experimentation group by 7.5min decrease. And comparison group of $4566.6{\mu}Gym^2$(DAP) decreased experimental group (using aid) of $3411.9{\mu}Gym^2$ by $1154.7{\mu}Gym^2$. In the case of patients satisfaction study, anxiety had a drop by 3.45 of comparison group to 2.51 experimentation group by 0.94 decrease. in experimental group. And shame had a drop by 4.02 of comparison group to 3.08 experimentation group by 0.94 increase. in experimental group. Difference of the smooth voiding had a drop by 1.90 of comparison group to 2.84 experimentation group by 0.94 increase. in experimental group. In addition satisfaction had a rise by 1.19 in experimental group. There were also other opinions of uncomfortableness on it and troublesome to wear. VCUG is one of the sensitive care required test. Therefore staff and the aid can give patients such comfortable and the aid can consentive on voiding. As a result test time and DAP can be reduced. It is needed to make testing at more comfortable for patients.


VCUG study;VCUG panties;patients satisfaction study


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