Characteristic Analysis of Hot Spot Temperature according to Cooling Performance Variation of Natural Ester Transformer

식물성 절연유 변압기의 냉각특성 변화에 따른 최고점온도 특성 해석

  • Received : 2015.11.09
  • Accepted : 2015.11.18
  • Published : 2015.12.01


Natural ester has a higher biodegradability, flash and fire points, and a greater permittivity compared to conventional mineral oils. However, natural ester also has a higher pour point, viscosity, and water content. These characteristics hamper circulation and the electrical properties of oil-filled transformer. Thus, this paper applied electromagnetic-thermal-flow coupled analysis method to predict temperature distribution inside 154kV single phase power transformer using natural ester. It modeled in the actual appearance for the tank and winding of the power transformer to improve the accuracy of analysis and applied heat flow analysis that considered hydromechanics and heat transfer at the same time. It calculated the power loss, the main cause of temperature rise, from winding and core with electromagnetic analysis then used for the heat source for the heat flow analysis. It then compared the reasonability of result of measurement analysis based on the result acquired from temperature rise test using FBG sensor on the power transformer.


CFD analysis;Cooling performance;Natural ester;Power transformer;Temperature rise test


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