Network Type Distributed Control System with Considering Data Collision

데이터 충돌을 고려한 네트워크형 분산 제어 시스템

Choi, Goon-Ho

  • Received : 2014.11.07
  • Accepted : 2014.11.25
  • Published : 2015.01.31


Network type distributed control system uses a communication line which is named the BUS to exchange a data among the sub-systems. Usually, on the bus, only one data must be exited at one time, so the control algorithm to prevent collision or to manage a priority of data is important. Including CAN Protocol, many kind of FieldBus which are used for distributed control system, prevent data collision by controlling transmission time. But, a system which have to make a control signal or get a data from a sensor at fixed time will be met a problem when it is composed by using a network type distributed control structure. In this paper, some of these cases will be discussed and solutions be proposed for preventing a data collision. Also, using Arago Disk System which have a structure for inner loop control, the validity of the proposed methods will be verified.


Network Type Distributed Control;CAN(Controller Area Network);Data Collision


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