Design of LED Lighting System using Bluetooth Wireless Communcation

Bluetooth 무선 통신 기능을 이용한 LED 조명시스템 설계

  • Received : 2014.10.30
  • Accepted : 2015.01.07
  • Published : 2015.02.28


The Light Emitting Diode(LED) lighting control system proposed in this thesis is made up of a sensor module, a microcontroller, Bluetooth wireless communication, LED Driver, and LED downlight. The sensor module, comprised of an infrared sensor, an illumination sensor, and a temperature sensor, was designed to one Printed Circuit board(PCB). The system is able to identify the environment information collected by the sensor, and make it possible to control lighting automatically and manually through sensors. In addition, depending on users' conditions, a color temperature can be controlled. CS-1000, a spectroradiometer, was employed to measure the changing values of a color temperature in 8 steps. According to a test, it was found that it was possible to change a color temperature from 3187K of Warm White LED to 5598K of Cool White LED. The Bluetooth based wireless communication technique makes it possible to control more lighting devices than other wireless communication techniques does.


LED;Lighting System;Wireless Communication;Bluetooth;Sensor Network


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Grant : 멀티센서 기반의 데이터 통신모듈과 드라이버 IC/프로세서 제어부품 등을 탑재한 200cc 이하의 LED 시스템조명 엔진모듈 기술개발

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