Study on Optimized Manual Development and Optimum Lighting System within Luminance-based Tunnel

휘도기반 터널내 운전자 적정조명시스템 개발 연구

Lee, Mi-Ae;Kim, Yeon-Hwa;Han, Seung-Hun;Kim, Ji-Heon

  • Received : 2014.12.26
  • Accepted : 2015.03.11
  • Published : 2015.04.30


The purposes of this research and development are as follows: first, to provide pleasant driving environments inside tunnels; second, to improve the current illumination environments lacking in diffusion luminance meters to meet tunnel lighting standards; and, third, to reduce the consumption of tunnel lighting energy accounting for approximately 65% of tunnel maintenance costs because of inadequate visual environments and tunnel operations. Further details are listed below. Firstly, an image luminance meter for tunnels that can implement the L20-method which is a tunnel luminance method that follows the international standards of CIE88, which was developed in order to improve and change the existing illumination-based tunnel lighting operation system to a luminance-based system. (The margin of error of below 5% according to the results of a test by an authorized agency and field test). Secondly, early illumination control is possible since the lighting control system that can be operated based on luminance enables interlocking control of the inside and outside of a tunnel using ethernet communication. Thirdly, guidelines for field application of the system are proposed. In addition, the luminance inducers of tunnels are found and the reflexibility of each facility that may reduce luminance of the boundaries is also proposed. Fourthly, as a result of a test bed, power consumption of luminance-based lighting operations decreased by 15.6% compared to illumination-based operations. Applying the feedback controls and maintenance factors of internal/external luminance meters, it reduced by 36.4%. Therefore, we became able to provide a luminance-based lighting operation system that complies with tunnel lighting design standards and provides a visual environment for drivers.


Tunnel Lighting;Luminance;Driver's Viewing Condition;Luminance Measurement


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