Secondary Optical System Design for Omnidirectional LED Bulb

전방향으로 발광하는 LED Bulb를 위한 2차 광학계 설계

  • Received : 2015.01.04
  • Accepted : 2015.03.02
  • Published : 2015.05.29


Secondary optical system designed for LED bulb which emits light in all directions was simulated with Energy Star standards. Components of the optical system were LED light source, the cover of the LED bulb and reflector which is to confirm the diffuser plate and LightTools software was used to design the illumination optics. The main points of the secondary optical system design are the location of the LED light source, the shape of the LED bulb cover, the location of the reflection plate, and the scattering properties of the diffusing plate. Mechanism of the LED bulb is that the light emitted from the light source move on to the backward after reflected by the coated light cover from the inside and then the reflected light is scattered by the diffuser plate. The LED bulb was designed to satisfy the standard light distribution and color specifications of the Energy Star(IES LM-79-08).


LED;bulb;Reflector;Energy Star;Diffuser


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