Sensibility Evaluation Model Research as to The Three-dimensional Surface Light Source set In The Interior

실내 3D 입체 면광원 조명연출에 관한 감성평가 모형 연구

Lee, Jin-Sook;Park, Ji-Young;Jeong, Chan-Ung

  • Received : 2015.03.10
  • Accepted : 2015.05.07
  • Published : 2015.06.30


This study has been conducted so as to analyse user's sensibility on lighting method, correlated color temperature and illumination by composing surface light source, which was projected onto a unit side of interior wall, ceiling and floor. 1) As an analyzed results of the sensibility images, it showed that the "snug & tender" value had got higher when the correlated color temperature got lower. And the "energetic, cheerful" value had got higher when the level of illuminance got lower. Furthermore, the "unusual, unique" showed higher value on the illuminated floor circumstance. Finally, the higher correlated color temperature had been, "energetic, cheerful" value also got higher. 2) As a result of multi-regression analysis, it was found that 3000K and 100lx had the biggest influence on 'snug' image while 5,500K, 500lx had the biggest influence on 'energetic' image. In addition, it was found that the illuminated floor had a big influence on 'unusual' image while 500lx had the biggest influence on 'refined' image.


Light Ceilling;Light Wall;Light Floor;Area Light;Sensibility Estimation


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Grant : 실내LED시스템 조명 설계를 위한 광학, 감성, 에너지 통합 평가기술 및 수요자 맞춤형 가이드라인 개발

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