Study on Kinetics and Syngas Production of Sewage Sludge Gasification

하수슬러지 가스화의 kinetics 및 합성가스 생산 연구

Roh, Seon Ah

  • Received : 2014.10.21
  • Accepted : 2015.11.11
  • Published : 2015.12.30


Gasification characteristics and gas produced from a sewage sludge char were analyzed by using a thermobalance reactor, which is used for a reaction kinetic analysis by measuring weight change of materials at a desired temperature. Gasification reaction rate increased with increasing temperature and steam partial pressure due to the promotion of gasification reaction. Three models of gas-solid reaction were applied to the reaction kinetics analysis and modified volumetric reaction model was an appropriated model for the steam gasification of the sewage sludge char. Apparent activation energy and pre-exponential factors were evaluated as 155.5 kJ/mol and $14,087s^{-1}atm^{-1}$, respectively. The order of reaction on steam partial pressure was 0.68. Gas analysis was performed at $900^{\circ}C$ and hydrogen concentration was highest in the gas concentrations, which increased with increasing the steam partial pressure. Hydrogen concentration increased the most and hydrogen concentration in the produced gas was 2-4 times higher than that of carbon monoxide due to the gasification and water gas shift reaction.


Gasification;Sewage sludge;Syngas;Kinetics;Thermobalance


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