In vitro introduction adventitious shoots and plant regeneration of sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Nielsen)

셍온(Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Nielsen)의 기내 부정줄기 유도 및 식물체 재분화

  • Received : 2015.09.02
  • Accepted : 2015.09.23
  • Published : 2015.09.30


Adventitious buds were obtained from isolated cotyledons cultured on MS medium with various concentrations of 6-benzylamino purine (BA) and thidiazuron (TDZ). The highest numbers of adventitious buds were obtained on MS medium supplemented with 0.2 mg/L BA. Experimental culturing with half the petiole portion and half with the terminal segments were grown on MS medium contained with 0.2 mg/L BA. Frequency of the adventitious bud induction was variable accordingly to the type of cultured explants. Explants with the half petiole showed the highest adventitious bud induction rate (80%) compared to explants of half with terminal segment (20%). An elongated shoot from the buds and growth of advent roots were both possible on the 1/2 MS medium without a plant growth regulator. These results offer an effective way in which clonal propagation can be accomplished.


Adventitious bud;Regeneration;Clonal propagation


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Grant : 유용활엽수 우수목 증식을 위한 줄기세포 유도 기술 개발