5.8 GHz 마이크로파 무선전력전송을 위한 BPF의 설계 및 구현

Design and Fabrication of a BPF for 5.8 GHz Microwave Wireless Power Transmission

  • Lee, Seong Hun (Department of Electronic Engineering, Sunchon National University) ;
  • Son, Myung Sik (Department of Electronic Engineering, Sunchon National University)
  • 투고 : 2015.12.02
  • 심사 : 2015.12.21
  • 발행 : 2015.12.31


In this paper, we have designed and fabricated a BPF (Band Pass Filter) for 5.8GHz Microwave Wireless Power Transmission. We $used{\lambda}g/2$ open-circuited stubs in addition to T-shaped transmission lines for the BPF. This BPF removes harmonics caused by diodes of RF-DC converter, and thus the RF-DC converter converts more RF power to the DC. The performance of the BPF was measured and shown through direct comparison of voltages converted by the doubler as a RF-DC Converter with and without the BPF.


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