Effect of Ti, B, Zr Elements on Grain Refinement and Castability of Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe Casting Alloy

주조용 Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe 합금의 결정립 미세화와 주조특성에 미치는 Ti, B, Zr 첨가원소의 영향

  • Received : 2015.04.20
  • Accepted : 2015.10.13
  • Published : 2015.10.31


The effects of Ti, B and Zr on grain refinement and castability were investigated in Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe alloy. Measurement of cooling curve and micro-structure observation were performed to analyze the effects of the addition of minor elements Ti, B and Zr during solidification. The prominence of effect on grain refinement was in increasing order for Ti, Zr and B element. Fine grain size and an increase of the crystallization temperature for ${\alpha}$-Al solution were evident as the amount of addition elements increased in this study. Addition of 0.15wt% Ti was most effective for grain refinement, and the resulting grain size of ${\alpha}$-Al solution for shell mold and steel mold were $72.3{\mu}m$ and $23.5{\mu}m$, respectively. Fluidity and shrinkage tests were perform to evaluate the castability of the alloy. Maximum fluidity length and minimum ratio of micro shrinkage were recorded for 0.15wt% Ti addition due to the effect of the finest grain size.


Grain refinement;Fluidity test;Shrinkage test;Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe alloy


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