Effect of Sc, Sr Elements on Eutectic Mg2Si Modification and Castability of Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe Casting Alloy

주조용 Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe 합금의 공정 Mg2Si 개량과 주조특성에 미치는 Sc, Sr 첨가원소의 영향

Kim, Heon-Joo

  • Received : 2015.09.07
  • Accepted : 2015.10.16
  • Published : 2015.12.31


The effects of Sc and Sr elements on the modification of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase and the castability were investigated in the Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe alloy. Measurements of the cooling curve and microstructure observations were performed to analyze the additional effects of Sc and Sr minor elements during the solidification process. A prominent effect found on the modification of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase with additions of the Sr and Sc elements. Here, a fine eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase and a decrease in the growth temperature of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase were evident with an addition of Sc element up to 0.2 wt%. The growth temperature of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase decreased and the effect on the modification of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase increased with the addition of Sr element up to 0.02 wt%. The addition of 0.02wt%Sr had the strongest effect on the modification of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase, and the resulting microstructure of the eutectic $Mg_2Si$ phase was found to have a fibrous morphology with a decreased aspect ratio and an increased modification ratio. Fluidity and shrinkage tests were conducted to evaluate the castability of the alloy. The addition of 0.02wt%Sr effectively increased the fluidity of the alloy, while an addition of Sc did not show any effect compared to when nothing was added. The maximum filling length was recorded for 0.01wt%TiB-0.02wt%Sr owing to the effect of the fine ${\alpha}$-Al grains. The macro-shrinkage ratio decreased, while the micro-shrinkage ratio increased with the addition of various eutectic modifiers. The highest ratio of micro-shrinkage was recorded for the 0.02wt%Sr condition. However, the total shrinkage ratio was nearly identical regardless of the amounts added in this study.


Eutectic $Mg_2Si$ modification;Fluidity test;Shrinkage test;Al-4wt%Mg-0.9wt%Si-0.3wt%Mn-0.15wt%Fe alloy


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