Characteristics of Gasification for a Refused Plastic Fuel

플라스틱 고형 연료의 가스화 특성

  • Received : 2015.01.16
  • Accepted : 2015.11.30
  • Published : 2015.11.30


Waste energy conversion to SRF (Solid Refuse Fuel) has the effects not alternative fossil fuel usage but also the reduction of greenhouse gas. But the direct burning of the SRF including a plastic waste generates air pollution problem like soot, dioxin, etc. so that an application of pyrolysis and gasification treatment should be needed. The purpose of this study is to supply a basic thermal data of the pyrolysis gasification characteristics in the plastic-rich SRF which are needed for developing the novel pyrolyser or gasifier. To do so, a bench-scale test rig was newly engineered, and then experiments were achieved for the production characteristics of gas, tar, and char. While SRF sample, gasification air ratio, holding time changed as 2 g, 0.691, 32 min respectively, the $H_2$ 1.36%, $CH_4$ 2.18%, CO 1.88%, $Cl_2$ 15.9 ppm, HCl 6.4 ppm were composed. Also light tar benzene $4.03g/m^3$, naphthalene $0.39g/m^3$, anthracene $0.11g/m^3$, pyrene $0.06g/m^3$, gravimetric tar $18g/m^3$, and char 0.29 g was formed.


Plastic Solid Refuse Fuel(SRF);Gasification;Tar;Syngas;Char


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