The Status of Constitutional Medical Industry Related to Metabolic Diseases by Web Search

웹 검색에 의한 대사성질환 관련 체질의학산업 현황

Lee, Yeon-Joo;Kim, Jong-Yeol

  • Received : 2015.09.17
  • Accepted : 2015.11.30
  • Published : 2015.12.31


Objectives To grasp the trend of constitution medical industry related to the metabolic disorders by analyzing the web resource.Methods Web search with the search formula ("constitutional" or "spirit") and ("Metabolic" or "diabetes" or "high blood pressure" or "hyperlipidemia" or "obesity") for 20 years (1995.09.10 ~ 2015.09.09.) in the web portal address "Web search with the search formula ("constitutional" or "spirit") and ("Metabolic" or "diabetes" or "high blood pressure" or "hyperlipidemia" or "obesity") for 20 years (1995.09.10 ~ 2015.09.09.) in the web portal address "".Results In the search area of news, blogs, cafes and knowledge-in, the number of searched pages retrieved by the word "constitution" was about 1.78 million. In the news 9760 cases of "obesity", 4046 cases of "hypertension" and 3253 cases of "diabetes" were searched. In Naver Web search Korean medicine clinics related to "constitution" were 24.3%. If we multiple 25.3% to 1000, the actual number of herbal hospitals, The constitution related to Korean medicine clinics is estimated to be approximately 3160 places. Among metabolic disorders, "Overweight", "Diabetes" and "Hypertension" were most frequently searched.Conclusions Constitutional industry related to metabolic diseases is very actively created on the internet in various areas. Among metabolic diseases, obesity, diabetes, hypertension were found with high frequency.


Sasang;Constitution;Typology;Metabolic Disease;Medical Industry;Web Search


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