Earned Value Management Application Issues and Consideration for Weapon System Development Project

무기체계 연구개발 사업에서의 사업성과관리 적용 이슈 및 고려사항

  • Published : 2015.06.30


It is generally recommended to use EVM as an efficient means for measuring project performance and progress so that the EVMS user could manage his project successfully. In spite of it's favorable intention, most project participants think it as a heavy load or a sub practiced job with low responsibility. Especially in a weapon system R&D project, the manager should consider a possibility to change plans in the middle of the project because of uncertainty coming from properties of the R&D project. Even though there are lots of variables triggering unpredictable troubles in EVM application, EVM still could be a valuable project health indicator. In this paper we introduce a case study of EVM application for weapon system development project. Furthermore, we suggest several solutions for the issues occurring in utilizing EVM.


Earned Value Management;EVM;Integration Baseline Review;Weapon System Development


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