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Kwouk, Ho-Kyun;Hong, Dae-Geun;Suh, Suk-Hwan

  • 발행 : 2015.06.30


In steel making plant, sampling system for raw material such as iron ore, limestone is necessary for quality control purpose. For the sake of efficiency and productivity, automation of the sampling system is highly desirable. From technical standpoint, the development of the automated system requires multi-disciplinary domain knowledge such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, information technology and computer engineering. Up to present time, the development has been mainly carried out by a single domain expert with project manager. The automated system developed in this way caused problems in the final system. This paper suggests a systems engineering approach to the development of automation for raw material sampling plant via a tailored process called Plant Systems Engineering (PSE) Process based on ISO/IEC 15288. Through the PSE process, we could derive right requirements and architecture of the Systems Of Interest (SOI), and we were convinced that the PSE Process can be applied to many other Plant Systems.


Automated Iron Ore Sampling and Analysis System;Systems Engineering;Plant Systems Engineering;Tailored SE Process;Requirement Engineering;System Architecture


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